Compliance and Financial Crime

Document Genome delivers dashboards on precise wording variations (e.g., Sanction, AML, Anti-Bribery, etc.) to quantify contracts with compliant wording, variant wording or no wording to quantify the gap and take rapid action.

“Document Genome provided results with high accuracy without taking up the valuable time of businesspeople. It helped design action plans and will help monitoring over time.

Head of Compliance, Large European Insurer


  • Sanction clauses impact risk exposure.
  • Depending on their wording, these clauses can allow participants a level of discretion as to whether or not to honour their obligations if sanctions risks arise. Exact wording matters.

The Challenge

  • Documents are heterogeneous
  • Precision a must
  • Wording deviations are numerous
  • Cost of compliance by manual methods is heavy
  • Captures 100% of the content for 100% of the portfolio
  • 10X faster than manual methods
  • Quantifies wording variations
  • Qualifies wording variations
  • Provides traceable results
  • Prioritizes actions on highest risks​