COVID-19 Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Document Genome produces dashboards on precise wording variations regarding ‘disease’, ‘prevention of access’, ‘indemnity period’ clauses… to quantify high risk Insurance Policies and take remedial action.

“Document Genome conclusively demonstrated the ability to identify contracts where we had Covid-related potential exposure, significantly accelerating the subsequent analysis by business experts.”

Head of Subscription SME, Large Insurance, June 2020


  • Some business interruption insurance policies have ambiguous wording exceptions for pandemics​
  • Restaurants lobbying lawmakers & suing insurers to get pay-outs, with recent adverse rulings​​

The Challenge

  • Many wording variations
  • Devil is in the details of wording by jurisdiction​
  • Manual reviews prohibitively expensive
  • Captures 100% of the content for 100% of the Portfolio
  • 10X faster than manual methods
  • Quantifies wording variations
  • Qualifies wording variations
  • Provides traceable results
  • Prioritizes actions on highest risks​