LIBOR Transition

Document Genome helps experts get precise answers, presented in visual dashboards, on all LIBOR-related wording variations hidden in your agreements to quantify the issue and then let you act quickly and decisively.

“Very powerful tool that is in line with our needs regarding our LIBOR project; but the principles of Document Genome can be obviously very useful in other areas of our business (CSR, GDPR, Financial Crime)”

COO for Asia Pacific, Large European Bank


  • LIBOR underpins $300 TRILLION in financial contracts.
  • LIBOR is ending in 2021.
  • LIBOR is embedded in firms’ operating models.
  • Transition to alternative rates will affect how contracts are priced and risk is managed.

The Challenge

  • Understand exposures and risks
  • High heterogeneity between documents
  • Exotic Products & Non-Cleared Products
  • Many wording variations
  • Future proof all documentation
  • Captures 100% of the content for 100% of the Portfolio
  • 10X faster than manual methods
  • Quantifies wording variations
  • Qualifies wording variations
  • Provides Traceable results
  • Prioritizes actions on highest risks​