Post Merger Integration for Asset Managers

Document Genome helps master the diversity and volume of funds and related services agreements to achieve cost synergies faster and visualised in a simple dashboard to drive decisions and actions.

“In M&A process, Transaction Teams spend substantial amount of time cataloguing clauses on merger, dissolution, eg. of funds from prospectuses. Document Genome can be very helpful to speed that process with high accuracy and flexibility ”

Head of M&A FIG, European Bank


  • Fee pressure, & growing costs
  • Fragmented Market
  • Desire for scale & adjustment
  • Delivering on synergies is key

The Challenge

  • Merging funds process is set in fund prospectuses
  • Many wording variations
  • Accuracy and speed are a must
  • Captures 100% of the content for 100% of the Portfolio
  • 10X faster than manual methods
  • Quantifies wording variations
  • Qualifies wording variations
  • Provides traceable results
  • Prioritizes actions on highest risks​