With over 3 years of R&D investment from AI & Machine Learning experts around the globe our document intelligence platform is built for enterprise grade performance through a micro-services architecture, easy deployment through Kubernetes or the Azure Marketplace, and security.

We deliver immediate time to value.

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Blind Spots in text intelligence​ cost businesses millions of dollars every year

Documents are made up of words and numbers but today only numbers are collected and analyzed. Text remains in documents today as text and the qualitative knowledge it contains is trapped and unusable at scale. This costs businesses millions of dollars every year in time and money.​

Because Document Genome is the first company to sequence the document genome, we are able to enable companies to truly master their Intelligent Operations, transparently, efficiently, and with greater flexibility by making visible qualitative information and patterns hidden in countless wording variations.

unique ’no-metadata’ AI – Engine

Bypassing the need for a metadata layer allows Document Genome to deliver:

  • Faster knowledge
  • Deeper knowledge
  • Greater accuracy
  • Immediate time to value or as we like to say ‘time to answer’!
  • Dashboards that truthfully represent the text data

Our document intelligence platform in action

Built from the ground-up to be used by business experts as they know the details best, what to look for and which patterns to track. People and our platform complement each other to scale their expertise, increasing volume while maintaining quality.


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