ESG Data : A mega trend with high operational challenges

  • ESG investing (Environmental, Social & Governance) has grown 10x from 2018-21. This growth combined with new regulatory requirements is fuelling huge demand for ESG Data.
  • Unlike Financial Data (mostly quantitative), the ESG Data is qualitative and narrative. Source data lying in company documents is more often than not “textual” when it comes to disclose data points like workplace health and safety, diversity in leadership, etc.
  • Because ESG Data is heterogeneous and qualitative in nature, it requires high level of human interaction to extract and analyse from documents. Most existing processes are not scalable.
  • Document Genome captures and aggregates exact narrative information across a mass of complex and heterogenous documents. Document Genome allows smart 360°consolidation of ESG text content from many documents to know “who”, “what” and “where” about anything.

“Due to their varying degrees of availability and the low level of standardisation, the issue of the quality of non-financial data collected is taking a central dimension”

BlackRock global alts head: “Quality of ESG data is a challenge”

“Organizations that can report on ESG effectively have a critical market opportunity compared to their competitors.”

How Document Intelligence can help: productivity, accuracy & traceability

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Today the manual way is the only way

  • Financial service firms have a large volume of internal and third-party documents (Text or scanned PDF)
  • There are valuable business opportunities and risk management data from harnessing insights and trends within this unstructured data.
  • Organizations rely on skilled individuals to read sections of these documents, with no systematic way of categorizing and understanding the information and trends.

How Document Genome can help

  • Document Genome automatically consolidates unstructured text and scanned document text data into a unified, searchable and automatically categorized database. The solution accepts any document type in most languages as input,
  • No-code flexible interface allows to get instant insight with audit trail to meet with reporting and diligence requirements.
  • Multiple proprietary text sequencing techniques are applied to adjust quickly to the needs and preferences of the business thanks to the highly customizable and modular design

How Document Genome Works

  • Whether you need a comprehensive, customizable, fully-packaged or just one data point to ensure ESG datapoint or a regulatory compliance, Document Genome empowers businesses to efficiently assess, analyse and report on anything valuable to you and everything required by regulation or your specific situation
  • Achieve sustainability goals through efficient collection and management of environmental and corporate social responsibility (CSR) data. Ensure quality and auditability of ESG data to calculate and report on sustainability performance




  • Fund Prospectuses & KIIDs
  • Annual & ISR Reports
  • Internal & External PDF Docs
  • More..

Unstructured document into a unified, searchable and categorized database

  • Consolidated Word Map
  • Build Queries
  • Automate Reports
  • Feed your information system

Document Genome: Control on ESG data & reporting capabilities

ESG wordings framework repository

  • Before anything you need to assess your situation fast and over time. What is your ESG wording ? Is there wording variation ? Any consistency issues ?
  • Build and maintain ESG Wording Framework (interactive central repository of ESG wordings) from a mass of documents
  • This central repository of ESG wording will be the foundation for your ESG reporting capabilities

SFDR and Taxonomy

  • From precontractual documents (Fund Prospectus, KIID) or other PDF documents loaded into Document Genome
  • Document Genome can help review across the actual content of many documents at the same time with simple queries
  • Produce reports with audit trail to quantify the compliance or discrepancies with unmatched accuracy and productivity

EET Reporting

  • From documents loaded into the system, Document Genome will help teams to extract the exact content of documents on PAIs, etc.
  • GHG emissions, Energy efficiency, Water, Waste, Biodiversity
  • Social & employee matters, human rights, anti corruption and anti bribery, governance
  • And more…

Reasons why clients choose Document Genome

Document Genome enables businesses to take control over their own ESG research and have 100% trust in the quality and traceability of their ESG Data from documents

What Document Genome helps you with

  • Input of small or large quantities of diverse documents containing various ESG information
  • Creation of a fully-searchable and traceable library of information on any topic
  • ESG-relevant information can be automatically identified, reviewed and extracted for integration into other front office analytics, compliance and monitoring and client reporting systems.

Both Fixing Consistency and coverage issues..

ESG ratings providers have vastly different approaches and partial coverage . This results in discrepancies between the providers and reduced confidence or confusion. Document Genome address both by processing all documents you feed in.

..and addressing Quality & Transparency Concerns

The sourcing and methodology behind the ratings are highly challenged. Institutions are looking for independent or complementary ESG Data Sourcing they can trust. Document Genome address both with transparent data audit trail capabilities

Intelligent Companies working with Document Genome

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