Beyond ESG
Due Diligence
Empower your team to review across the exact content of a mass of documents ot spot, quality and quantify any ESG or risk feature during a due diligence. Fast time to insight for swift process
PMI & Content System Migration
Enable your team to reclassify in a different or finer way a mass of documents. Help for a content management system migration. Ease post merger integration (import and classification of document from “target” acquired). #Flexibility, #Productivity
Compliance Review
Help your teams to review across the exact content of a mass of document in the light of any specific topic. This provides a control ex-post at scale and reduce the reputation risk. Productivity Gain. Accuracy Gain. Automation. Consistency. Flexibility.
Crisis Speed Audit
Empower your team to review the actual content of contractual documentation to spot, qualify and quantify issues for quick actions & decisions. Productivity Gain. Accuracy Gain. Control. Reduced Reputational and Compliance and Business Risks.
KYC Review
Scale the matching between client documents and your client data with audit trail. #Productivity, #Accuracy, #Automation, #Consistency, #Flexibility.