Introduction to Unstructured Data Solutions – Text

  • 80% of organizational data is unstructured, that does not fit into a pre-defined format and is text-heavy
  • This data is mainly in text form, including annual reports, contracts, etc. which is tedious to analyse, time-consuming and expensive to leverage. Moreover, some of it is also in the form of scanned PDFs, adding another layer of complexity.
  • By not accessing and using this data to unlock potential insights, businesses are missing out on opportunities to accelerate innovation, boost revenues or manage risks. Text in documents sits in a blind spot that cost business millions, every year in many ways

Why Companies Need an Unstructured Data Solution

Cost of not knowing

Not accessing unstructured data create uncertainty on size and magnitude of potential business issues.

Inability to manage

Traditional data solutions, sentiment analysis, etc. are not capable of dealing with unstructured data of varying structure and complexity.

Manual Intensity

Managing unstructured data using manual procedures is expensive, time-consuming and has limited scalability

Skewed results

Unstructured data is accompanied by noise and quality issues that require advanced treatments.

Document Genome Key Differentiator:

  • Document Genome has filed EU and US patents with its disruptive and robust “document genome sequencing“ approach
  • Unlike traditional rule-based solutions that focus on rigid classification that struggles with non standardized data…
  • Document Genome sequencing approach allows richer and deeper insights that can adapt to the unexpected found in unstructured data
  • Cutting edge technology supports a broad spectrum of use cases and document types

Your benefits

  • Extract, organize and process data from existing as well as new complex and heterogeneous documents
  • Automate the usage of information from documents with high degrees of accuracy
  • Automate flexible classification of documents without the need of existing metadata
  • Capitalize knowledge and expertise for re-use across teams and multiple types of documents
  • Remove manual audit of documents by an automatised solution (new digital working)
  • Handle multiple different document types and unstructured data sources in various languages
  • Enable business users to easily interrogate previously unanalysed data sources
  • Retrieve and rich-classify documents from repositories without manual uploading
  • Enrich internal systems with quality data from documents without rekeying
  • Achieve information security and maintenance best practice with Kubernetes deployment

Import and data sequencing

  • Document Genome supports Text and Scanned PDFs in many languages
  • Document can be imported by SFTP, Drag and Drop and Weblinks depending on the situation
  • Document Genome allows coders and non-coders alike to trigger import and subsequent data sequencing of 100% of the content of 100% of the loaded documents


  • Document Genome allows non-coders to perform simple and complex queries on the actual content of the library of documents. Consolidated and detail results can be exported and shared with other business users. Queries can be saved for automation.

  • Queries leverage the network of connections between documents so that it is possible to virtually query anything and get instant results

Enrichment & Learning

  • To aid the feature engineering process, Document Genome can load and mix Unstructured Data with relevant client’s Structured Data

  • User can also create new feature using built-in visual recipes to provide additional signals to improve model accuracy. Once created, Document Genome stores parameters for reuse


  • Document Genome surfaces invisible patterns and relations between documents.

  • Intelligence and insights allows to discovers “families of documents” that share specific traits of “species of document” that share even more.
  • Document sequencing spots and quantify non-standard or rogue agreements for control


  • Document Genome can run on-premise or in the cloud – with supported instances on Microsoft Azure and Red Hat OpenShift (IBM)
  • Modular design (Micro-Services) with Kubernetes container orchestrator for scaling.


  • Document Genome provides critical audit trail capabilities to trace any data back to the exact content in the mass of documents

  • Document Genome is design for professional that need a high level of comfort on data quality and transparency

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