We founded our company, Document Genome, in 2016 on the unique insight that documents are made up of words and numbers but today only numbers are collected and analysed. Text remains in documents today as text and the qualitative knowledge it contains is trapped and unusable at scale. This we realised costs businesses millions of dollars every year in time and money.​

It became our mission to free this knowledge for businesses everywhere, delivering answers securely, at scale, with full traceability and at lower costs than today’s manual methods.

Document Genome is a team of scientists, engineers, and financial services experts based in Paris, Asia and USA. We are all passionate about technology and the promise it gives on improving our lives and helping businesses better achieve their goals.

We strongly believe in our mission to empower people and companies by freeing knowledge from documents and believe we can achieve this mission through carefully nurturing our company values from our mind-set to our behavior: Caring, Elegance, Transparency, Excellence and Forward-looking.

At Document Genome our core customer benefits guide the solutions we deliver from our R&D to our Solutions Design: Simplicity, Precision, Time to Answer, Traceable, and Enterprise-Grade


If you’re passionate about technology, love impossible challenges and feel inspired by what you see here then contact us. We could be looking for someone just like you…

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