Our document intelligence platform is built with our Partners in mind with enterprise grade performance, deployment and security, and delivering immediate time to value in visually powerful dashboards. This will help you save on time and costs in delivering on your client engagements and open-up new business opportunities giving you an unfair advantage in Intelligent Document Processing.

Businesses all have this problem and it’s growing!

Managers in businesses of all shapes and sizes need knowledge from text data faster and more accurately. The problem is that access to quality text data in documents is mostly manual and the sources are heterogeneous and complex documents.  Inside millions of contracts, & procedures in word or PDF exact wordings matter and sampling or manual reviews can lead to catastrophic errors and mistrust.

For partners working with businesses with these challenges manual methods of accessing text data impacts both margins and competitiveness due to:

  • Lower value-add activities as a % of billed time
  • Increased competition
  • High barriers to winning high-value engagements due to upfront costs

Document Genome can save the day in two ways:

  • By removing 70% of the manual work on data collection for high-value engagements
  • Empowering your teams where your expertise makes a difference versus the competition

Our SaaS AI-Powered Document Intelligence Platform in action

Our platform fits seamlessly into your client’s environment or in background, with enterprise grade infrastructure, and an easy-to-use interface.  Built from the ground-up to be used by business experts as they know the details best, what to look for and which patterns to track. People and our platform complement each other to scale their expertise, increasing volume while maintaining quality..

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