Portfolio Audit

Loans, ISDA, Insurance

Document Genome helps your business experts get accurate answers from your business portfolio documentation by making visible, with simple dashboards, un-noticed patterns hidden by multiple wording variations.

“Document Genome performed a home loan portfolio audit and successfully extracted information on early repayment clauses and security packages (hypothèques) to quality test ERP and improve RWAs’ with 98% accuracy rate.”

Head of Portfolio Management, Large European Bank, Jan 2021


  • Some business interruption insurance policies have ambiguous wording exceptions for pandemics​
  • Restaurants lobbying lawmakers & suing insurers to get pay-outs, with recent adverse rulings​​

The Challenge

  • Many wording variations
  • Devil is in the details of wording by jurisdiction​
  • Manual reviews prohibitively expensive
  • Captures 100% of the content for 100% of the Portfolio
  • 10X faster than manual methods
  • Quantifies wording variations
  • Qualifies wording variations
  • Provides traceable results
  • Prioritizes actions on highest risks​